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Ryan Fehr, David Welsh, Kai Chi Yam, Michael Baer, Wu Wei⁎ (卫武), Manuel Vaulont:The role of mo


  【Abstract】In this paper we explore the antecedents and consequences of employees’ unethical pro-organizational behavior(UPB) through the lens of moral decoupling—a moral reasoning process whereby individuals separate theirperceptions of morality from their perceptions of performance. First, we argue that employees increase theirengagement in UPBs when they (1) see their supervisors doing the same and (2) believe that their supervisorsendorse moral decoupling. Second, we argue that employees’ UPBs are only positively related to supervisors’evaluations of their job performance when supervisors themselves report that they morally decouple. We testthese hypotheses in a field sample of supervisor–employee dyads and two experimental studies. This combinationof studies highlights the complex link between ethics and perceptions of performance within organizations.
  【Keywords】Unethical pro-organizational behavior;Moral decoupling;Ethics;Morality;Performance
  卫武为本文的通讯作者,本文刊登于Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 153 (2019) 2740

  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes为我院英文A- 类奖励期刊,2018年影响因子2.9085年影响影子4.149

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