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  讲座主题:A Nonparametric Non-classical Measurement Error Approach to Estimating Intergenerational Mobility Elasticities



  讲座时间:2019年7月8日上午9点30 分



  This paper provides a framework for estimating intergenerational mobility elasticities (IGE) of children's income with respect to parental income. We allow the IGEs to be heterogeneous, by leaving the relationship of parental and child incomes unspecified, while acknowledging and addressing the latent nature of both child and parental permanent incomes and the resulted life-cycle bias. Our framework enables us to propose a formal test of the widely imposed assumption that the intergenerational mobility function is linear. Applying our method to the Panel Studies of Income Dynamics (PSID) data, we decisively reject the commonly imposed linearity assumption and find substantial heterogeneity in the IGEs across the population. The IGEs with respect to parental income exhibit a U-shape pattern. Specically, there is a considerable degree of mobility among the broadly defined middle class, but the children of both high and low-income parents are more likely to be high- and low-income adults, respectively. Our result suggests that the U.S. is indeed a land of opportunity", just not for everyone! This result also provides valuable insights into the (intertemporal) Great Gatsby curve, suggesting that a higher level of inequality within one generation may lead to a higher level of social immobility in the next generation in the U.S.


  安永红,德州农工大学经济学系副教授。在约翰ž霍普金斯大学获得经济学博士学位,研究领域包括微观计量经济学、公共经济学和产业经济学,曾在Journal of Econometrics、RAND Journal of Economics、Journal of Business & Economic Statistics、Journal of Applied Econometrics、Journal of Public Economic Theory 、Applied Economics等国际高水平期刊发表十多篇学术论文。

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