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Yucheng Ding (丁宇澄), Xin Zhao:Pay-for-delay patent settlement, generic entry and welfare
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[Abstract]“Pay-for-delay” settlement (P4D), in which the brand patentee reversely pays the generic infringer to delay market entry, is typically criticized for blocking competition but is often excused for its potential to maintain innovation. We present a game-theoretic model to show that when the generic firm’s entry decision is endogenized, P4D can actually increase ex post competition under certain conditions. We further explore the impact of P4D on ex ante innovation and find that the brand’s innovation incentive may increase or decrease, depending on the generic firm’s entry cost and other factors. Our findings contribute to the ongoing P4D debate by identifying conditions under which (1) P4D can improve consumer surplus and (2) the trade-off between competition and innovation can be reconciled.

[Keywords] Pay-for-delaysettlement; Generic entry; Pharmaceuticalcompetition; Innovation

本文于2019年12月在线刊登在International Journal of Industrial Organization上,该期刊为经济与管理学院A-类奖励期刊,丁宇澄为本文第一作者。