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讲座主题:Game-Theoretic Decision Making for the Resilience of Interdependent Infrastructure Systems

主讲人:Yi-Ping FANG, Assistant Professor, University of Paris-Saclay




The reliable and efficient operations of nowadays’ critical infrastructure (CI) systems, such as electric power grids, the Internet, transportation networks and so forth, are constantly jeopardized by increasing natural and human-made hazards. This talk will address the challenges associated with assessing and improving the resilience of interdependent CI systems under potential disruptive events. A specific set of analytical tools are introduced based on quantitative models of CI systems operation and their functional interdependencies. Specifically, the game-theoretic attacker-defender (AD) and defender-attacker-defender (ADA) modeling techniques are applied to assessing the resilience of interdependent CI systems under worst-case disruptions, and advising policymakers on making pre- and post-disruption decisions for improving the resilience of interdependent CIs. The solutions of the proposed mathematical models and their realistic applications will be also delivered.


Yi-Ping FANG is an assistant professor at the Industrial Engineering Laboratory, CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay, France. He is also a member of the industrial Chair “Risk and Resilience of Complex Systems” sponsored by French companies including the EDF, SNCF, ADP and Orange. His research interests mainly focus on the modeling, analysis and optimization of the reliability, risk and resilience of complex industrial systems, particularly the smart grids and intelligent transportation systems. His research results have mainly published inRisk Analysis, European Journal of Operational Research, IEEE Transaction on Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Reliability Engineering and Systems Safety, etc. He has participated in several French and European projects, and served as a reviewer for over 20 international journals and section Chair and technical committee members of several international conferences.